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“For us, leather is not a job, it is our life.”

Antonio, 3rd generation leather craftsmen


Located under the overwhelming Sierra de Grazalema, shows itself between the rocks and cork oaks, one of the so-called White Villages of the Serranía de Cádiz: Ubrique. This small Spanish village is, par excellence, the best place in the world to manufacture handcrafted leather products and therefore the home of the best craftsmen: our craftsmen. One of the pillars of Café Leather is craftsmanship excellence, and doubtless, we feel very fortunate because of those who handle our products.


For a long time, leather tanning in this town was a national reference. With the pass of time, tanneries became minority, then followed by a complete specialization of leather products manufacturing. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the biggest luxury brands produce their products in Ubrique, given the tradition and exquisite quality of the manufacturers of the village, specially their hand finishing. In this sector, like in any other, exists a wide range of different qualities and categories.

Manufacturing in Ubrique offers many guaranties, but when trying to pursue excellence, three or four factories arise out the dozens located in the village. Café Leather is not only proud of working with craftsmen part of a village with such a history but it’s also lucky to manufacture in one of these select factories.

guantes hechos a mano

Our craftsmen inherit the tradition of leather manufacturing. Craftsmen like Juan, born in Ubrique and with more than 40 years of experience in the field, he belongs to an exclusive group of artisans, unique in the entire world: the craftsmen of Ubrique. Juan is very clear about it: “Art cannot be learned, you have to grow along with it and understand it. This work is not for everyone, it’s for those who love and understand the leather processes. Our village and its people grew along with leather goods. Almost 80% of our people work, directly or indirectly, in the leather world. For us, leather is not our work, leather is our life”.

Handcrafted in Spain

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