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In order that you can buy online any of our products trusty and safely, we provide you the terms and conditions concerning purchases of CAFE® products on this website. By these terms, we explain how CAFE® products can be yours and what rights you have as a consumer. These provisions will apply to the purchases you carry out on the website (“The Website”) owned by “CAFE LEATHER SUPPLY, S.L.” (“CAFE LEATHER”). You will have to accept these ones any time you make an order.

CAFE® products: 1.1 Features

On the Website, we offer you CAFE® products along with a main picture and other ones that will allow you to notice how each of our products is described in detail. In addition, you will find a detailed description of any item (fabric and measurements and even size), so that you can buy the one you like the most, in the amount and color you like which we can offer you each time.

CAFE® products: 1.2 Availability

The number of units in any product for sale is updated on the Website according to stock. Therefore, we will warn you if we do not have any items available. Although, we are aware that the system exceptionally, due to unavoidable o force majeure causes (human mistakes or incidents in the computing system), might let you buy a product -including its payment-, that we do not have in stock. In this case, we apologize in advance, since there has been an incident that we will have to solve as soon as possible. Thus, we will inform you of what happened as soon as your order is confirmed, refunding the payment within a maximum period of 72 hours.

Delivery costs: Taxes

2.1 Taxes are included in the total price of the products offered on the Website (currently, 21 %).

Delivery costs: out of the EU

2.2 Delivery costs out of the EU and the ‘International’ period of delivery will be established during the purchasing process before you proceed to the payment of your order.

2.3 Shipping costs

Note that the information below displays the delivery costs of the products ordered on this Website:


2.4 Delivery Estimated

We primarily use UPS in the EU but also work with Correos for standard international shipments. In Spain, our supplier is MRW. In Spain, products will be delivered in 1 to 3 days, depending on the type of shipment. For deliveries within the EU (excluded Spain) the order will be delivered within 2 to 5 days period counting from the output of the product from the CAFE LEATHER’s facilities. Regarding deliveries outside the UE, the orders will be delivered within a 4 to 10 days period depending on contingencies that occur in Customs and the corresponding process in each country.

The referred periods may undergo changes (delay) due to causes unconnected with CAFE LEATHER -i.e. land or air transport strikes, COVID issues, or any other type of unavoidable eventualities- as well as due to events delaying the delivery of our products in case of relevant campaigns during which logistic providers -transport services- may be overwhelmed (i.e. Christmas; Black Friday…). Although CAFE LEATHER does its best to foresee and avoid this kind of situation, just in case, we trust you will understand this situation.

Delivery zones

3.1 According to the previously pointed out, CAFE LEATHER dispatches anywhere with several fares.

3.2. You must know that international deliveries (outside the UE) may entail additional costs than those described in the present terms and conditions. These expenses must be paid by the final customer, to whom concerns checking their payment and managing the corresponding procedures in costumes or in the international control office.

Payment methods

Purchases made on this Website can be paid by credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard o American Express), Apple Pay, Google Payments, iDeal, SOFORT, and Paypal.

3.3. You must know that international deliveries (outside the UE) may entail additional costs than those described in the present terms and conditions. These expenses must be paid by the final customer, to whom concerns checking their payment and managing the corresponding procedures in costumes or in the international control office.

Purchase process

Placing an order on the Website is easy and intuitive. We explain it to you down below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by any of the means that we provide you in the “CONTACT” section as is the e-mail address [email protected] or the mobile number +34913486212.

STEP 1: Check what we are offering. Enter the online shop through the section “SHOP” on our Website. See the wide range of CAFE® items that you can buy. Notice, compare, and decide to buy the one you are fascinated with the most.

STEP 2: Choose your favorite. When you have decided which item/s you want to buy, please select how many units -if you want one or more-, which color, size (if on stock) and press the button “ADD TO CART” identified as ‘CART’ on the right edge at the top of the page (*) (in order to it can be included in the shopping basket). (*)In any case, keep in mind that your order has not been executed, for which it will be necessary to accept the present terms and conditions and the privacy policy (clicking the box provided for this purpose) and then, make your payment when we indicate it to you. After the choice, go to your ‘SHOPPING CART’ (‘CART’) and click on ‘FINISH PURCHASE’.

STEP 3: Identify yourself. You will enter a new page on which we will show you the summary order (items and taxes), different delivery methods (on default, the express one tagged), and several payment methods (*) those and several options you can select according to your preferences. (*)In any case, remember that if you have a discount voucher, this is the right moment to use it, by clicking on the section “Click here to enter your code”. In addition, to conclude the purchase process you will have to identify yourself by logging in with your account using your credentials in the section ‘Are you already a customer?’ or without registering, yourself, being essential to you provide us with the information we request you on the previous sections marked with an asterisk since it is necessary to complete the purchase and the delivery of the process you are interested in. Once finished the previous step, you will be able to tell us if we invoiced to the address that has been given us for delivery or another one, click on “Sending to a different address?”

STEP 4: Accept terms & conditions and payment. To pay for your purchase, you must read the legal terms you will and check the box as proof you have read and agree to them.

STEP 5: Purchase confirmation. Once placed the payment of your order, CAFE LEATHER SUPPLY will proceed to double-check your purchase by a message that we will show you on the Website and, then, by e-mail, with your order summary identified by a code that will include basic information of your purchase.


6.1 Withdrawal. Cancellation of orders If you have purchased any CAFE® product on the Website and you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days to return it, by sending an email to our Customer Service ([email protected]), by forwarding the email you received as confirmation of your purchase. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in that regard. Once you have informed us that you are going to return any product, you must send it to us within 14 days, packing it carefully to ensure that it will return to CAFE LEATHER in perfect condition. Otherwise, if we receive the products in poor condition, we will not be able to accept them, considering that the product to be returned must be in perfect condition and not show any signs of usage. Return delivery costs must be paid by the customer. Remember that the items purchased on our Website cannot be returned to physical stores that sell CAFE® products. Thus, if you have purchased any CAFE® product in this way, you will have to return it in the same way. These stores will contact us and then we will contact you as soon as possible.

6.2 Commercial guarantee: limited guarantee (“LG”) CAFE LEATHER will take responsibility for the quality of CAFE® products indefinitely, for possible manufacturing defects (material and/or manufacture failures) unrelated to the general wear and tear of the product (*), that is, from using the product after a prolonged period of time. (*) ‘General wear’ is the natural breakdown of materials over a long period of normal usage. Therefore, it has nothing to do with manufacturing defects, as any product in perfect condition used intensively and lengthy will be worn out. Thus, when a CAFE® product in perfect condition has served you well but shows general wear due to normal use, we hope you’ll consider buying a replacement to last another lifetime. Our LG does not cover product failures caused by accidents during use, willful damages, misuses, or extreme uses (i.e. not following the care instructions), including the damage caused by animals and third parties (i.e. caused by any kind of transportation). The purchase of products not distributed by official brand channels or authorized retailers is excluded from LG. Each item returned will be examined by our product and returns team.

6.3 Incidents. Defective products. We believe in our products, our special materials, and the way they are produced by our artisans in Spain. Therefore, we guarantee each CAFE® product by LG. However, any of our products might have a material defect or a manufacturing failure. In that case, please, contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to our Customer Service ([email protected]). You will need to identify the purchase order number and the type of product. We must examine the product in question before solving the incident in order to check, whether, in fact, it is a product of low quality that we want to ensure you. Confirmed that extent, you will be able to choose between the delivery of a new product (replacement) or the repair. We recommend this last option, considering these products acquire sentimental value over time. If you choose to repair your product, it may involve expenses. In that case, we will confirm if that is the case and the cost of the repair before undertaking it. If you choose the replacement of the damaged item, remember that we will send you a new product but not the damaged item.


We are at your disposal if you have any queries about your order or if you need help finishing the purchase process. To ensure that you are properly assisted, please, contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling to (+34) 913486212, at your convenience. CAFE LEATHER Customer Service is at your disposal to assist you with any question or any disagreement relating to any product bought on our Website you want setting out. In this regard, we inform you that European Commission has set up a platform -for alternative dispute resolution- that you can enter on the following link if you consider that we do not have properly processed your request: UE alternative dispute resolution platform:

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