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Leather Care

A well-maintained leather ages with dignity. Years can go by, but the product does not deteriorate. It keeps a unique appearance and a healthy glow. After all, it is full of life. And yes, we talk as much about your leather, as about our leather products. Take care of it, take care of them.

How to take care of the leather.

Necessary products

1. Towel
2. Soft cloth
3. Water (preferably distilled)
4. Horsehair brush
5. Leather conditioner / leather wax

The steps


First remove dirt with a damp cloth.
After that, you’ll have to wait until it’s completely dry.


Apply conditioner on the cloth and spread it with circular movement.
After this you should wait again for the leather to get dried.


With a horsehair brush, waxed and maintained, apply the product with circular and constant movements. After this, use a cloth to clean excess of wax and rub it to obtain shine.


Once this process is complete, the leather will recover its original shine,
it will look more lustrous and will be ready to show off.

What should I do to make my leather product last as long as possible

The sun can be a major enemy of leather. Excessive sun exposure can crack the wallet and darken it excessively. Water is not the most convenient either. If a leather object gets wet, the best choice is to let it dry in an aired place to avoid cracks and problems with pigmentation.

It is also not a good idea to use perfumes in our objects. Some of the chemicals that carry some bacteria and characteristics can cause damage to the leather.
Cleaning products can also affect this material. The reason is simple: greater exposure to this type of chemical components can alter the intensity of the colour and even shape and stiffness.

What should I do to make my leather product last as long as possible

We can find a wide range of creams and perfect items for the care of our leather as a really good alternative to these cleaning products. Tanner Beeswax is a perfect cream for the hydration and nourishment of tanned leather. It is a 100% organic product made from beeswax and ecological essential oils. Beeswax along with other items such as cocoa butter or jojoba oil, are ideal for the maintenance of a leather wallet. The key to the success of these care measures is in the natural origin of its ingredients.

Leather milk products are another really useful for cleaning leather tools. Its goal is to clean, condition and protect the leather, to give it a shine like the first day. It is a natural procedure that can replace the damp cloth and neutral soap mentioned before.

The most common spots on leather,
how to avoid them?

Accidents happen and many times you cannot avoid a spot on the leather. Moisture, ink and grease are some of the most important dangers for our leather products. Moisture spots are the easiest to remove. To do this, use a damp cloth and neutral soap, being careful not to leave any soap residues at the end of the process.

In the case of ink, response time is vital. It can only disappear if it is recent and to do so, it is necessary to use an eraser gently on the spot.
Grease is the most complicated to remove. In this situation, the ideal is to put ground chalk on the stain for a few minutes. Then use a damp cloth and neutral soap to remove the chalk residue.

In case that, using all these means, the spots persist, you should go to a specialist. With these measures and tricks, you can be sure that your wallet will stand the pass of time and will honour the titles of Willy Nelson and Run-DMC albums: “Tougher than leather”.

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