Leather Carpenter Apron

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Leather Carpenter Apron
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Our leather carpenter apron is designed to work in comfort!

The leather carpenter apron is an essential work tool for carpenters. It is made of high quality leather that is very durable and can last for many years. This apron is designed to protect carpenters' clothing from wood chips and splinters. It is also very comfortable to wear and allows carpenters to work in the best possible conditions.

Leather carpenter apron: a must-have for DIY enthusiasts!

The leather carpenter apron is a must-have DIY accessory to protect your clothes from splashes and dirt. In addition to being practical, the leather carpenter apron also looks great and will give your workshop an authentic and warm look.

The leather carpenter apron is a must-have DIY accessory to protect your clothes from wood splinters and glue spills. It is also ideal for painting and decorating jobs, as it keeps your hands clean. This high quality leather apron is made in France and is available in many colors.

Leather carpenter apron, an essential accessory for DIY enthusiasts!

It protects your clothes from wood splinters and sharp tools, while giving you great freedom of movement. This stylish leather apron will allow you to work in the best conditions and give your creations a refined touch.

This leather carpenter apron is made of premium leather, so it is very durable and waterproof. It is also very comfortable to wear, thanks to its soft fabric lining. It closes with a leather button and a metal buckle. This leather carpenter's apron is a must-have accessory for DIY enthusiasts, as it will protect you from wood splinters and glue splashes. It will also keep your clothes clean and dirt-free.

The leather carpenter apron is a high-end product that is both stylish and practical. It is made from high quality leather and durable materials, which makes it very durable and easy to maintain. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear and keeps your clothes clean and in good condition.

This leather apron is suitable for every task carpenters have to do, such has designing, manufacturing and installing wooden frames and frameworks.

Leather Carpenter Apron

Its cross back straps offer incredible convenience and greater freedom of movement than a simple neck strap. Made of sturdy, quality leather, it even has a central pocket for storing a few tools.

A quality apron for passionate carpenters who love to build structures for houses and other buildings but also for any handymen out there!

  • Material: suede cow leather
  • Length 35.4 in (90 cm) ; width 23.6 in (60 cm)
  • Cross back straps
  • Color: orange/yellow
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Free standard shipping

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The prestige of leather, handmade just for you.

Each of our leather aprons has its own identity. Whether it's for working or for wearing at home, our aprons will make you travel in a world where everything becomes possible.