Denim and Leather Apron

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Denim and Leather Apron
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A denim and leather apron, for a unique style!

This apron made of sturdy denim and genuine leather has a unique and comfortable style thanks to its straps in the back.

High quality materials have been selected to create this apron, such as denim fabric for the main part and genuine brown leather for a part of the straps and the central pocket.

Easy to wear for work, cooking or gardening!

Since leather is a natural material, each apron is unique and there may be a slight variation in color depending on the skin used.

  • Central pocket and half of the straps made of genuine cowhide leather
  • Ultra sturdy cotton canvas
  • Length: 34.2 in (87 cm) ; width: 27.9 in (71 cm)
  • Adjustable and comfortable straps
  • Convenient pockets
  • Hand wash recommended
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The prestige of leather, handmade just for you.

Each of our leather aprons has its own identity. Whether it's for working or for wearing at home, our aprons will make you travel in a world where everything becomes possible.