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How to clean a leather apron ?


    An apron is a clothing accessory that is worn on the upper part of the body and is attached to the neck and hips. It is designed to protect the clothes and the wearer from any splashes and dirt caused by the practice of an activity. For this reason, it was quickly adopted and today it is an essential piece of equipment in several fields, including that of the professional kitchen. However, in order to fulfill its mission, the apron must be maintained regularly. Discover, for this purpose, our best tips to keep your leather apron in good condition.

    Leather cleaner

    Use soapy water

    This is the basic yet effective method of apron maintenance. Indeed, it consists in wetting a soft cloth with soapy water and then using it to clean your leather apron. This operation must be done carefully to ensure that no part of the apron has been forgotten. The soap in the water will quickly get rid of the greasy stains that are recurrent on a kitchen apron. This tip has the advantage of preserving the quality of your apron which will be much more resistant over time. 

    Use a leather cleaner

    To give your leather apron a little extra maintenance, this is the tip you need to follow. It's all about using a cleaning product designed exclusively for leather accessories. From then on, all you have to do is spray the product on the areas where you feel stains and then clean with a cloth. However, be sure to choose the product used very carefully so that it does not contain any stripping substances. For this, you can take the advice of an expert in the field.

    Leave it outside until it dries

    Your leather apron is wet and you want to make it usable again by drying it? Consider exposing it to the fresh outside air until it is completely dry. This will prevent the formation of mold and cracks that usually result from improper drying. Avoid exposing your professional apron to intense heat sources such as a radiator, hair dryer or iron. Also, do not dry it directly in sunlight so that its rays penetrate it. Leather aprons are best dried in a dry place with adequate wind circulation.

    Opt for hanging storage

    Since leather is a 100% natural material, it constantly needs oxygen to stay in good condition. So to ensure this, you should get into the habit of storing your leather apron in suspension. You should especially avoid putting them in enclosed spaces like cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Hanging in a closet may be acceptable when the closet is open to ensure free air circulation. Do not fold your leather apron to store it because it could leave deep creases. It is very difficult to get rid of the creases formed on leather.

    Apply regularly a grease for leather

    You have probably already understood that leather is a very delicate material and that its maintenance can sometimes seem weird. This is the case with this tip, which consists of applying grease to the material to make it much shinier. Indeed, by the effect of wear, leather accessories can whiten and gradually take on an old look. Applying grease allows you to effectively fight against this problem. To do this, use equipment such as a brush to apply the grease to the affected areas. Then, use a soft, slightly wet cloth to remove the excess grease visible on the man's kitchen apron. Again, you must be very careful about the type of grease you use. The better the quality of the grease, the more durable your apron will be and the better the shine. Take the advice of a specialist to choose the right grease according to the characteristics of the leather of your professional apron.

    Avoid putting large objects in the pockets of your apron

    Leather is a very stretchy material and therefore quickly takes on the shape or size you impose on it. So if you pull a lot on a buckle or put something too big in its pocket, the apron will expand to take on this new dimension. However, you will be surprised to find that it will not return to its original place even if you remove the object in question.

    What you should never do when caring for your leather apron

    Now that we have detailed some of the best practices regarding leather care, it is equally important to mention what you should absolutely not do. While some mistakes may seem logical, others are much more difficult to discern because they are ingrained in our habits.

    • Never put your leather apron in the washing machine. It will definitely be ruined.
    • A leather piece should not be exposed for too long to the sun, the moon, or to a heat source (radiator, fire). Such exposure would cause the leather to dry out, lighten the color, or even crack.
    • A leather apron should always be stored on a wide enough hanger to avoid deforming it.
    • Leather should never be treated with an abrasive material (sponge, hard brush, sandpaper) and even less scraped to remove a stain, for example. This would alter the texture or permanently remove the color.
    • The application of acetone or any other solvent will irreparably strip the leather. Shoe polish, while not bad in itself, can only be applied to shoes. Shoe polish is a paste that stays on the surface and clogs the pores of the leather. Although some good quality polishes have some nutritive properties, they prevent the leather from breathing and it will eventually crack.

    In brief, the maintenance of your leather apron is an operation that is very simple when you know how to do it. Just follow these tips and you'll always be successful.