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Choose from a wide range of leather colors and text styles to print on your apron! It can be engraved with the logo of your company, your name, your initials or even your wedding date.

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With our custom leather aprons, you are sure to wear a unique apron that will fit who you truly are, whether it's for the kitchen, for BBQ, for carpentry or for welding.

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The leather apron - a must-have piece of protective equipment

The leather apron is a protective equipment that is used for the protection of the head, arms and legs. It is a kind of suit that professionals use especially in the food and chemical industry. The leather apron protects against dirt, dust, cold or harmful fumes. There are different types of leather aprons: the full leather apron, and the leather apron with removable sleeves. The leather apron is often used as protection for workers who have to perform cleaning and hygiene operations. The advantages of a leather apron are:

  • The strength of the material
  • The possibility of being washed frequently
  • An optimal comfort

Leather apron cleaning - how to maintain your apron

Leather aprons are items that are used frequently. They are often in contact with different chemicals and can be stained by liquids, coffee, wine or others. To avoid stains and to clean leather aprons, you need to follow some rules. First of all, you should know that leather aprons do not support aggressive products. Indeed, some products, especially chemicals, can damage the leather and thus deform it. In addition, dry cleaning is not recommended because it can cause premature aging of the leather.

In addition, avoid using a rough cloth or abrasive sponge to clean leather aprons as this can cause scratches and indentations on the surface of the leather apron. Therefore, a soft cloth should be preferred for cleaning the leather aprons. Then, to clean the leather aprons, you need to take a small amount of washing up liquid and warm water. It is important to wet the apron and gently rub the dirty areas with a soft damp cloth. Don't rub too hard as this can make the situation worse. Finally, do not let the leather apron air dry as this will dry out the apron and cause cracking on the surface.

Leather selection for your apron - choosing the best leather to last

Leather is a noble and natural material that has proven itself for many years. It is often used to make shoes, jackets, bags or wallets. Leather is a very robust material that can withstand weather and various external aggressions. However, it is important to know that leather degrades over time, as it can become deformed and lose its elasticity. It is therefore important to choose the right type of leather to ensure its durability and resistance over time.

  • The full grain leather: it is a leather that has been raised on the skin of the bovine. It is often used to make shoes or belts.
  • Synthetic leather: it is an imitation of natural leather based on PVC. It is used to make belts.
  • Cowhide leather: this is a type of leather that has been raised on the skin of the cow.

The benefits of wearing a leather apron - why wear a leather apron?

It's a fact, wearing a leather apron can be an asset to your business. But why? Wearing a leather apron is a safe bet because leather aprons are very durable. However, there are also different types of leather aprons that can be used by professionals. Indeed, the leather apron is a type of clothing that can be used in different situations. It can be worn by professionals in the restaurant and food trades, but also by professionals in the construction industry.

In addition, the leather apron can also be used in the food industry to protect against dirty tasks. Moreover, the leather apron is also an asset for your brand image. Indeed, wearing a leather apron allows you to show that you value quality and comfort when you work.

It is also a way to show your customers that you respect food hygiene standards and that you take care of the foodstuffs you handle. Wearing a leather apron allows you to show a positive image of your company. Moreover, wearing a leather apron allows professionals who work at home or on an outdoor site to protect themselves from possible projections or dirt related to their activity. Wearing a leather apron allows professionals who work at home or on an outdoor site to protect themselves from stains or injuries.

The disadvantages of wearing a leather apron?

It is true that wearing a leather apron can be an advantage for some professions. It can be interesting for mechanics, farmers and anyone who needs to protect themselves. However, the disadvantages of wearing a leather apron are numerous. Indeed, this type of apron can be very dirty and require frequent cleaning.

This type of apron is also very heavy to wear and can cause fatigue in the arms and shoulders. Finally, you should know that wearing a leather apron can be dangerous if the person wearing it falls or has an accident with his tool. It is therefore necessary to think carefully before starting to wear a leather apron because it is true that it can be useful, but it is better to choose a lighter and less dirty apron in order not to compromise your health.


Leather Aprons 

Here you will find the right leather apron for your needs! It doesn't matter if you are a welder, blacksmith, farrier, brewer or cook. We have the right leather apron for you. But leather aprons can also be worn at home! For cooking or barbecuing, leather brings an incomparable style and a unique elegance. It brings style and protection, whatever the activity for which you wear it.

Leather is a natural material that has many properties. It is mainly because of its high quality and longevity that leather aprons are often used as protective clothing in various professions. A leather apron is extremely tear resistant and its thickness generally makes it more protective than a cotton apron.

Special tanning processes are used so that some leather work aprons provide protection against high temperatures and are flame retardant. Leather aprons are used by welders to protect against heat and sparks. Blacksmiths also use these protective garments to protect themselves from high temperatures, molten metal splashes or sparks. In these work environments, it is necessary to protect the entire front of the body (upper body and legs), hence the use of a full leather apron.

Leather aprons are also worn for completely different activities that do not involve heat protection. For example, they are popular with gardeners or carpenters. Here, thin leather variants are often used, which are comfortable and light to wear and offer good protection against splinters, sawdust or even plant thorns.

Our story

We, at The Leather Apron, offer our customers a quality handcrafted workmanship. Our leather aprons are made with premium quality cowhide leather or suede leather.

We believe that aprons are no longer just for cooking. Sturdy and protective, our leather aprons are made to go through life with you. Whether you are a man, a woman, a chef, a barber or a blacksmith, you will find in our collection different leather apron styles that will meet your needs. Each apron is individually crafted by highly skilled artisans who take pride in their work.