Customize your leather apron

Choose from a wide range of leather colors and text styles to print on your apron! It can be engraved with the logo of your company, your name, your initials or even your wedding date.

An apron made just for you

With our custom leather aprons, you are sure to wear a unique apron that will fit who you truly are, whether it's for the kitchen, for BBQ, for carpentry or for welding.

More than an apron, it's a piece of art.


Leather Aprons 

Here you will find the right leather apron for your needs! It doesn't matter if you are a welder, blacksmith, farrier, brewer or cook. We have the right leather apron for you. But leather aprons can also be worn at home! For cooking or barbecuing, leather brings an incomparable style and a unique elegance. It brings style and protection, whatever the activity for which you wear it.

Leather is a natural material that has many properties. It is mainly because of its high quality and longevity that leather aprons are often used as protective clothing in various professions. A leather apron is extremely tear resistant and its thickness generally makes it more protective than a cotton apron.

Special tanning processes are used so that some leather work aprons provide protection against high temperatures and are flame retardant. Leather aprons are used by welders to protect against heat and sparks. Blacksmiths also use these protective garments to protect themselves from high temperatures, molten metal splashes or sparks. In these work environments, it is necessary to protect the entire front of the body (upper body and legs), hence the use of a full leather apron.

Leather aprons are also worn for completely different activities that do not involve heat protection. For example, they are popular with gardeners or carpenters. Here, thin leather variants are often used, which are comfortable and light to wear and offer good protection against splinters, sawdust or even plant thorns.

Our story

We, at The Leather Apron, offer our customers a quality handcrafted workmanship. Our leather aprons are made with premium quality cowhide leather or suede leather.

We believe that aprons are no longer just for cooking. Sturdy and protective, our leather aprons are made to go through life with you. Whether you are a man, a woman, a chef, a barber or a blacksmith, you will find in our collection different leather apron styles that will meet your needs. Each apron is individually crafted by highly skilled artisans who take pride in their work.